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Picture It: Comics As Teaching Tool

Comics are educationally effective because they create a story (Mallia, 2007). Narrative is a powerful tool in teaching, and provides necessary context for a learner to assimilate the new information into existing cognitive schemas (Nelson, 1989). Since comics are meant to be humorous and entertaining, they can use fantasy to simulate scenarios where a certain concept has been taken to the extreme – sometimes the best way to really understand the uniqueness and limitations of a new concept.
Because they are primarily visual, comics are appealing to younger children who might …

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Does Video Support Learning?

Does video support learning?

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Interactive Storytelling with Scratch

Create “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories with Scratch
Elisa Gopin – Interactive Storytelling

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Reflections on “Playing”

Play is a powerful medium for learning, yet comes naturally to children and seems like a pleasant way to pass the time between more “serious” work. It is very appealing to educators to be able to harness this power because of the seemingly effortless way in which children learn important skills while playing, as well as the fact that they generally choose to engage in play rather than needing it to be scheduled for them by adults.
The first problem with utilizing play for education is defining what exactly play is. …

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It’s All Relative [COMIC]

In this comic strip, a sleepy school boy learns about Einstein’s theory of relativity – and pizza!

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Teaching Digital Storytelling: Part 2

In the first of this series about Teaching Digital Storytelling I explained the basics of Digital Storytelling and how a teacher can get started using it in the classroom. This second article will look at different software that can be used to create digital stories.